Liners and resins for in house relining from ND 50

Brawoliner developped an exclusive range of highly flexible and seamless liners. Its specifications make it particularly suitable for pipes containing several bends up to 90° and up to 2 changes in diameter.
Brawoliner liners rely on a 50 year working life.
These liners covers pipe relining from ND 50 up to 250 according to the version used.
Four types of liners are available :
Brawoliner : from ND 50 to 200
Brawoliner XT : from DN 125 to 200
Brawoliner Spécial : ND 70-100
Brawoliner 3D : from ND 100-150 to 150-200

Brawoliner Epoxy resins offers different working terms so they suit your working conditions. These resins harden as well at ambient and higher temperatures. They offer high abrasion and high chemical resistance.