Transmitter / Receiver for detecting cables & pipes

The pipe and cable locating equipment is conceived to detect and trace underground pipes. DXL & MXL Cable Detector insure you a reliable and precise detection even in the most difficult environments.

This metal detector is competitive equipment offering a wide panel of possibilities. Indeed, you can choose between 3 frequencies : the frequency 33 kHz used for most applications, the frequency 8 kHz used for longer distance tracing and finally the one of 512/640 Hz used for specialist tracing. Furthermore, the robust liquid crystal display shows you a clear and accurate “peak” response when detecting a signal. DXL & MXL Cable Detector integrates a depth measurement function as well as a signal current measurement function, which optimizes your results during detections. It reveals the lowest signals as well as unusual frequencies.

Besides, the use of DXL & MXL is very simple. It has 4 modes: a “Power” Mode allowing buried power cables to be detected; a “Radio” Mode locating other metallic sheaths; the “Multi Frequency” Mode with the transmitter (512/640 Hz, 8 kHz et 33 kHz) and the “Allscan” Mode used for the lowest signals right up to 33 kHz. Its case waterproof (IP 65) allows you also to use it in all situations.

Different displays make easier your work. Indeed, this pipe and cable locating equipment gives you a lot of information: the batteries level, the depth and the transmitters power signal (continue and alternating). You can adjust the power. Finally, MXL has a digital display with automatic backlight what decreases the battery consumption. DXL & MXL is an ideal equipment to locate cables and pipes in a specify way.

Technical data
Reference DXL3 DXL4 MXL4
Frequencies 33 kHz 33 + 131 kHz 512 Hz, 640 Hz, 8 kHz, 33 kHz, 131 kHz, 33 + 131 kHz
Battery 8 batteries (LR6) 8 batteries (LR6) 8 batteries (LR6)
Modes Power, Radio, Transmitter Power, Radio, Transmitter, All Scan Power, Radio, Transmitter, All Scan
Visual Indication yes yes yes
Audio Indication yes yes yes
Depth button yes yes yes
Depth Measurement without sonde 0.2 to 3m 0.2 to 3m 0.2 to 9.9m
Depth Measurement with sonde 0.85 to 4.5m 0.25 to 7m 0.25 to 9.9m
Sonde Depth Resolution 0.15m 0.1m 0.1m
Options - Bluetooth, GPS Bluetooth, GPS
Autonomy approx. 40 h approx. 40 h approx. 40 h
Protection 65 65 65
Dimensions (l x w x h) 720 x 270 x 63 mm 720 x 270 x 63 mm 720 x 280 x 65 mm
Weight (with battery) 2.9 Kg 2.65 Kg 2,6 Kg
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