Cutting tools for all kind of robots

The Cutting Tools are used to remove all kind of obstructions inside pipes that prevent effluents from flowing

We propose a wide range of Cutting Tools for almost all kind of jobs and milling robots.

In order to grant a high cutting performance, most of our Cutting Tools integrates diamonds. All the Cutting Tools undergo a high-speed balance control that grants homogeneous wear of the tool.

Some of our Cutting Tools have convex segments that reduce the strength of the impacts during the job. Thus, the Cutting Tools and the robot head suffer less and last longer

Applications :

  • Lateral opening after relining
  • Cutting penetrate laterals
  • Concrete cutting
  • Roots cutting

Our range of Cutting Tools covers most of the robots distributed in Europe : IBG, IMS, IST, KA-TE, PROKASRO, SCHWALM ...