Mobile suction equipment for release of toxic gas and air renewal

The EAM responds to elementary safety rules by draining off toxic gas. EAM is used against different risks such as lack of oxygen, H²S, CH4, high temperatures, etc …

There are two versions of EAM : standard and explosure-proof that sucks or evacuates depending on your need. Thus, you can renew the air at least three times per hour.

The EAM can also be used for other applications such as :

  • Valves rooms
  • Tanks
  • Central heating stations
  • And everyplace where toxic gas and heat make air unbreathable and working conditions difficult.

Antistatic and spiral hoses used with EAM are 1,2 meters long (at rest) and 6 meters long (in extension). You can connect one hose to another thanks to specific sleeves.

Using EAM does not avoid the need of gas detectors and masks or another accessory to prevent accidents.
  1. Central unit
  2. Antistatic and spiral hose 6 m
  1. Spool piece
Technical data
Capacity 1000 m3/h
Speed 3000 rpm
Output power 0,25 kw
Voltage 230 Vac
Consumption 2,2 A/h
Weight 21 Kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) 430 x 320 x 400 mm
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