Endoscope 17mm head & 20m cable reel with 25 mm head

The video inspection camera ROSCOPE i2000 combines several inspection methods : video inspection, locating and leak reseach with thermal imaging camera.
The 17mm camera is perfectly suitable for smaller pipes. The 4 LEDs lights and self-leveling brings a high image quality and makes the use of the ROSCOPE i2000 user-friendly.

WIFI connected, the ROSCOPE i2000 can transfer the data to your mobile phone or tablet (see iOS 5.1+ or Android 4.0+ free app).

Three complementary modules extends ROSCOPE i2000 scope :
Module Roloc plus : locator with depth indicator & visual guidance
IOS & Android app to transfer videos & pictures directly to a mobile phone or a tablet.
Module ROSCOPE i2000 25/22 : reel of 22m of cable for inspecting pipes DN 40 up to 100 with a 25mm waterproof camera head. 8 LEDs (100 LUX - approx. 0.5m).
Module ROSCAN150 : For leak detection respective for visualization and analysis of refrigeration and heat sources

Thermal imaging camera

WIFI Connected

20m reel

Technical data
Display 3.5"
Picture format 640x480
Format AVI / JPEG
Connection Mini-USB, AV-Out, SD-card slot
Power Li-Ion battery 3.7 V / 5.2 Ah
Memory SD-Card (4 GB)
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