Fixed gas detector system

Sensepoint is a fixed gas detection system. It grants the protection of your employees and installations against the flammable and toxic gases risks and the lack of oxygen. This equipment is useful as well outside as inside and even in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Easy to use, this fixed gas detection system requires only a minimal training. Furthermore, the replacement of the sensors is simple. Indeed, when the sensor reaches its end of life, you can unscrew it and replace it by a new sensor. Then, you just need to configure the central.

The speed and the reliability are the main characteristics of this fixed gas detection system. Everything is designed to optimize your time and insure you an ideal security.

Complying with the most recent European standards, «certified ATEX», Sensepoint insures you a maximal security. It is approved for danger zone and is useful for uncertified applications.

Our partner will insure you the adequacy of the installation to your needs and will bring you the necessary support to enhance reliability in your installation.

The system must be installed by a professional remains the responsibility of the customer.
  1. LCD
  2. Control modules
  1. Sensor
Technical Data
Usage temperature Defined by the type of gas and the certification
Storage conditions -40 to +50°C
Protection IP 65/66
Detectable gas (F, O, C, H, G, L, S, N, A)
Pressure 90 - 110 kPa
Weight About 190 g
Humidity continuous 20 - 90% RH
Humidity occasional 10 - 90% RH
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