Description hat liner packer

The Hat Liner Packer is used when installing a felt hat impregnated with resin at the junction between house connection and main sewer. This technique lets you repair the pipe and grant its junction tightness.

The range of Hat Liner Packer is composed of two versions :

  • One flexible for ND 150 up to 450 mm (45°)
  • And another one rigid for ND Hat Liner Packer.

The structure of Hat Liner Packer enables you to fasten usual liners. In fact, the rubber head is uncured and should be screwed down. Thus, you need a very little range of packers to cover a wide range of diameters

Almost all the packers have a passage in order to let effluents flow while inserting the head cap.

You can also position hat liners. And all of the main sewers is treated at the house connections about 20 cm depth.

The Hat Liner Packer is the result of many years of experience of SCHWALM as service provider. The aim during Hat Liner Packer development is to reach de comprise solution matching lightness, little cumbersome, quality, simplicity, sturdiness, easy maintenance and low price.
  1. Packer
  2. Rubber head
  1. Felt hat

Technical data - Felt Hat
Reference Diameter Angle Add this product to my wishlist
Chapf100/45 100 45
Chapf100/90 100 90
Chapf125/45 125 45
Chapf125/90 125 90
Chapf150/45 150 45
Chapf150/90 150 90
Chapf200/45 200 45
Chapf200/90 200 90
Chapf250/45 250 45
Chapf250/90 250 90