Noise amplification in pipes

The HM Listening Stick allows sounds retransmission by a resonant cavity during a leak detection. So, you can listen in directly with the pipe, the equipments of main sewer ou house connections.

The noise amplification is purely mechanical, and not electronic. There is no risk of distortion.

The tube of the HM Listening Stick is made of high quality (stainless steel). The standard HM Listening Stick has a length of 125 cm, two extensions of 50 cm + 5 cm + bell adapter with the tip 20 cm. You can add as many as you like extensions that you want. To keep the quality of the listening cane HM, we recommend that you do not exceed 200 cm.

This listener method can be used by everyone and requires no special training.

The HM Listening Stick has application in various fields such as :

  • Industrial maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanics (to control engine's rotation).
  1. Listening stick
  2. 2 x 50 cm extension
  1. 1 x 20 cm adapter
Technical data
Weight 0,7 Kg (for L = 125 cm)
Chamber height 5 cm
Chamber diameter 6 cm
Extension length 50 cm
Adapter length 20 cm
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