Water Hot Box Unit for relining jobs

Our hot Box range has several versions producing hot water and/or steam. They are used to rehabilitation jobs in non accessible sewers networks. In fact, one of the most frequent techniques for partial rehabilitation is relining with impregnated liner. According to inversion method, the impregnated liner is inversed in the inversion drum before being inserted in pipe.

Once the liner is in the pipe, hot water or steam produced by the hot Box is pushed into the pipe so the liner is pressured and tightly fixed to the pipe wall. The Hot Box Premium brings hot water or steam that accelerates liner polymerisation inside the pipe and reduces the sewer's unavailability time.

The hot Box includes a pump and is :
  • Easy to use : short time to train an operation
  • Rough : it performs high

The hot Box can be equiped with a viewing and recording software to control temperature.

Hot Box

Hot Box

Technical data
Reference Therm 110 Therm 220
Hot water flow Up to 8000 l / hour Up to 8000 l / hour
Heating capacity 110 Kw 200 Kw
Body Highly resistant Highly resistant
Options Viewing and recording temperature software Viewing and recording temperature software
Tank 20 l 20 l
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