Cutting robot for laterals DN 80 - 250

CUTTER MICRO AUTOMATIC cutting robot was specially designed for cutting jobs on laterals from DN 80 up to DN 150 (optional until DN 250).

This robot can also be used in dificult pipe situations due to creep-and climbing function. (vertical, horizontal, 90° elbows and small access).

CUTTER MICRO AUTOMATIC cutting robot incorporates 30 m of media hose on a drum with an optional extension of 15 or 30 m.

A powerful air motor offers an extremely high cutting force. You can chose your cutting tool among the wide range of references of our catalogue. The robot head is remote controled with a joystick.

A 3,5‘‘ TFT LCD color monitor lets you control the robot operations. The color camera incorporates a permanent air and water cleaning system.

CUTTER MICRO AUTOMATIC cutting robot incorporates detachable individual components, which reduces the length of maintenance operations.
  1. Cutter Micro Light
  2. Clamping unit & cutter
  1. Joystick

Technical data
Cutter Micro Automatic Cutter Micro Automatic
Operating range 80 - 150 (optional 250)
Flexible length 30 m
Flexible extension 15 m / 30 m
Flexibility In bends 90° from DN 100/4" (clay, no folds, or similar)
Rotation 400° approx.
Swivel 90° movement with stops
Monitor 3,5‘‘ TFT LCD color with SD or USB recorder
Optional monitor Complet control unit
Camera Colour camera head with permanent cleaning system
Outside diameter 72 mm
Frame Compact hose drum for air & electrical flexible
Dimensions (L x w x h) 660 x 550 x 800 mm
Weight 55 Kg
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