DBC 04 / DBC 06 / MAGNA TRAK 100

Metal and valve boxes locator

The DBC 04 is a metal detector, easy to use with only one button on handle of the device. It is one of the best metal detectors in its class.The disc 20 cm in diameter locates every metal on the ground or underground up to about 30 cm depth.

The DBC 06 benefits from the an erase function that blocks out magnetic interferences, locating only cast iron from valve boxes or manhole box covers (for example). Thus you can avoid, aluminium foils, capsules, cans.

The Magna Trak 100 is a new magnetometer, which characteristics are : simplicity, solidity, and performance. Waterproof up to 90 cm, it detects any ferrous object underground at least 2,50 m depth.

This magnetometer has various functions such as :

  • The accurate display of the buried object
  • The estimate of the depth of the object
  • The sound reception.
  1. DBC 04 metal detector
  2. DBC 06 metal detector
  1. Magna Trak 100 magnetometer

Technical data
Reference DBC04 DBC06 Magna Track 100
Display Volume-unit meter Volume-unit meter Digital (0 to 100)
Coverage area All metals Ferrous metals All metals
Power supply 9 volts battery 9 volts battery 6 alkaline cells of 1,5 volts
Detection depth 30 cm 50 cm 2,5 m
Headphone plug Yes Yes Yes
Volume Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Length 140 cm 140 cm 102 cm
Erase function No Yes No
Detection plate 20 cm 20 cm No plate
Weight 1,3 Kg 1,3 Kg 1.5 Kg
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