Milling robot DN 150 – 225 for house connections

The milling robot for pipes rehabilitation Power Cutter 150 was design by IST for milling operations inside pipes from DN 150 up to 225 mm.

The milling robot Power Cutter 150 uses a powerful air motor that offers great comfort during cutting jobs.

This milling robot incorporates a high definition CCD camera with high-powered LEDs. The camera can integrate swivel movement (optional).

The milling robot Power Cutter 150 bénéficits :

  • Rotating arm in 360°
  • Elevation / raise movement of 80.

Sensor monitoring for pressure and moisture are also included.

The robot is power thanks to the cables and hoses embedded in its body.
  1. Robot PC 150
  2. Cable reel
  1. Console
  2. Control unit
  1. Flexible reel

Technical data
Reference Power Cutter 150
Operating range ND 150 - 225
Total length 750 mm
Arm length 200 mm
Circumference 105 mm
Weight 20 - 25 Kg depends on specs
Engine Compressed air motor
Power supply 860 Watts
Revolution 18000 rpm
Torque 4 Nm
Air consumption 1,050 l/min
Dimensions Diameter 59 - H : 85 mm
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