Description of nozzles for jetting and vaccum systems

The Sewer Cleaning Nozzles are used to clean pipes from all kind of wastes such as sand, sludge, roots, deposits, grease, soap, bitumen and to prepare pipes before a video inspection.

A wide range of Sewer Cleaning Nozzles are available to suit the requirements of your job : deposits to clean, length of the pipe, pressure and flow available.

Thanks to all these different kind of nozzles, you will be able to clean smalls pipes, house connections, and manholes up to ND 3600.

Each Sewer Cleaning Nozzles was designed to respond to a specific usage so you optimize its strength and cleaning capacities.

This Sewer Cleaning Nozzles are suitable for :

  • Little deposits of calcareous scale and grease
  • Large deposits and / or narrow elbows
  • Sand and sludge removing
  • Blockages, roots, deposits
  • ...