Push rod axial camera for small pipes inspection

WPS-715DJN-C23L was designed to inspect smaller pipes from DN 30.

The 23mm of diameter camera head has a 120° angle vision sensor. This camera lets you inspect pipes from DN 30 to 100. It can also goes through bends from DN 50 to 100.

Its 12 LEDS grants light and a great image quality.
The 7" LDC screen is also a recorder for AVI video and JPEG pictures. You can use a SD card or a USB key of max. 32 Go.

This camera has an IP 68.

Technical data
Reference WPS-715DJN-C23L
Cable length 20 m
Screen 7" TFT (800x480 px)
Head diameter Axial - 23 mm x 140 mm
Angle of vision 120°
Lights 12 white LEDS
Photo / Video JPG / AVI
Storage SD card or USB KEY up to Gb not included
Ports AV output
Waterproof IP 68
Power supply Battery 2200 MAH
Dimensions (L x w x h) 520 x 435 x 200 mm
Wright 8 Kg
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