Electric smoke foger - large flow

The Smoke Mega is a smoke blower specially manufactured to generate large flow of smoke. The Smoke Mega is the perfect tool for :

Leak location in larger pipes
Fire exercices
Tunneling smoking
Industrial exercices

The Smoke Mega can detect non-compliance of sewers networks thanks to a smoke tightness test. Versatile, the smoke generator can also provide compliance monitoring for liners ventilation or be used for defense exercises fire.

The Smoke One II includes a remote control to regulate the air flow and / smoke with a cord 10 m long.

Through injection flexible, 10 m long and 100 mm in diameter, is user friendly on the field.
Technical data
Power 400 V / 50 Hz
Power 9000 Watt
Tank 5 l
Flow Approx. 100 l/sec
Fluid consumption Approx. 135 ml/min
Hose Storz-A DN100 x 10m
Remote control 10m long cable
Dimensions (l x w x h) 930 x 530 x 460 mm
Weight 66 Kg
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