Electric smoke foger for leaks detection

The Smoke One II can detect non-compliance of sewers networks thanks to a smoke tightness test. Versatile, the smoke generator can also provide compliance monitoring for liners ventilation or be used for defense exercises fire.

The Smoke One II has an option to regulate the air flow and / smoke with a control panel connected to a generator cord 5 m long.

Through injection flexible, 6 m long and 50 mm in diameter, you can inject the smoke by house connections box or manhole. You do not need to plug your pipe any more.

The Smoke One II is compact, easy to transport.

The needed liquid is contained in a tank. Once there is no more liquid on one tank, you only need to replace it by another without touching the liquid. (5 liters tank) in accord with the law.
The smoke liquid respects the actual legal standards and the fogged smoke can be used with people around without any danger.

The digital console can independently adjust the flow of air and smoke to save the product and increase its autonomy.
  1. Smoke foger
  2. 6 m hose
  1. Transport case

Color cartridge chamber

Color cartridge chamber
Technical Data
Power 220 V / 50 Hz
Heat 1200 Watts
Turbine 1200 Watts
Total 2400 Watts
Tank 5 l
Protection IP 44
Flow Approx. 180 m3/h
Fluid consumption Power 10/10 : 120 ml/h
Fluid consumption Power 5/10 : 35 ml/h
Smoke time Power 10/10 : 40 sec env.
Smoke time Power 5/10 : continu
Heating time Approx. 7 minutes
Dimensions (W x l x h) 560 x 295 x 350 mm
Weight 21.5 Kg
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