Smoke blower for leaks detection

The Thermo Smoke is a really competitive solution to :

  • Lead tests of long underground pipes-with larger diameters
  • The electric engine version is the best solution for tests in urbanized areas.

The heat engine of Thermo Smoke is used as a propellant, and heating device. The device is simply positioned in the manhole.

The Thermo Smoke uses liquid smoke thanks to a tank equipped with a handful of pressurized. The tank capacity is 5 liters with up under manual pressure. The liquid smoke (can 10 or 20 liters) is poured into the tank which is connected with a pressure hose at Thermo Smoke. The pressurized liquid passes into the exhaust gas collector of Thermo Smoke and door means is the temperature where the liquid turns into smoke.

The smoke generated by Thermo Smoke is very dense. Thanks to the power of thermic engines (Briggs & Stratton), the smoke can be pushed over long distances even through larger diameters.
  1. Heating engine
  2. Pressurizing tank
Technical data
Thermic engine 3600 rpm
Fuel tank 1,4 l
Fuel consumption 1,7 l/h
Smoke liquid tank of 10/20 l
Flow 106 m3/min
Smoke liquid consumption 65 ml/min (about 4 l/h)
Weight 31 Kg
Height (engine included) 37 cm
Height (engine excluded) 13 cm
Diameter (plate included) 76 cm
Introduction diameter (manhole) 47 cm
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