Cone Plugs for collectors ND 400 - 2400 mm

Cone plugs are available in dimensions from 400 mm - 2400 mm. These cone plugs are produced from special
CR rubber and reinforced with Aramid cord. cone plugs are oil resistant. Additional sealing foam assures best sealing in all conditions.

Plugs are equipped with carrying handles and eyelets for easier manipulation. They are very light and suitable for sealing pipes of various shapes (cone, oval, etc..).

There are many applications for these cone plugs :
  • Air test, water test and smoke test
  • Leaks locating via tracer gas
  • - Pipe blocking

All of ours plugs are equipped with eyelets to make the way out of plug easier.


Safety inflating hose


Cone Plugs
OASC Minimum usage diameter (mm) Maximum usage diameter (mm) Required inflation pressure (bar) Back pressure Air max (bar) Deflated plug length (mm) Weight (Kg) Add this product to my wishlist
OASC400/1000 400 1000 1 0.5 2000 15
OASC600/1500 600 1500 1 0.5 3000 30
OASC700/1800 700 1800 1 0.5 3600 70
OASC900/2400 900 2400 1 0.5 4800 95