H2S, CO, O2 & combustibles - Multi-Gas Detector

The GasAlertMicroClip XL is the multi-gas detector ideally designed to protect you from gas risks: H2S, CO, O2 and LEL. Every day, various risks can arise in pipes. This is caused by the presence of different gas: the presence of explosive gas can cause an explosion at the slightest spark, the presence of poison gas that can be mortal even in weak doses, the lack of oxygen arriving very quickly without you can remark it.

The GasAlertMicroClip XL, portable multi gas detector lets you to minimize these risks thanks to :

  • Its three alarms: sound, visual and vibrating.
  • The auto-test function strengthens this criterion by verifying in a continuous way the gas detector’s condition.
  • Intelliflash system allows a faster check of the device.

Indeed, thanks to its green light, the operator knows immediately if the device is in good working order. It thus strengthens the security of your teams. The only button present on the housing reduces significantly the risks of errors.

Its autonomy, 10 hours, its case shockproof and waterproof (IP 66/67), also allows the GasAlertMicroClip XL to grant the continuity and the reliability of the security during your jobs.
  1. Gas detector
  2. Charger
  1. Hose

Kit infrared

Kit auxiliary filters

Replacement sensors

Charger base five units
Technical Data
Size 113 x 60 x 31 mm
Weight 190 g (6 oz.)
Temperature -20 to +50°C
Humidity 0 to 95% HR (without condensing) Low, high, VLE, VME et OL (over scale)
Alarms Visual / vibrating / audible (95dB)
Tests Alarms Audible and visual alarm starting. Sensors, battery, electronic circuit continuously.
Autonomy of battery 10 hours (on average) recharge in less than 6 hours
Ranking Electromagnetic Interference / RF : Compliance with Directive 89/336/EEC IP 66 EMC / 67
Certification and probate Classe I, division 1, groupes A, B, C et D American Bureau of Shipping ATEX: II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga IECEx: Ex ia IIC T4 Ga European conformity
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