Full kit to carrying out tightness tests in house connections

The House Connections can test the connections from one box access to any diameter. The tests are tests in air, water, smoke and leaks detection of tracer gas.

The House Connections is composed of plugs supporting 1,5 bars inflation pressure and 0,5 bar back pressure (maximum). Robust, its manufactured with highly flexible rubber reinforced with Nylon. Both ends are equipped with aluminium shell to protect.

The House Connections is composed :

  • A rope with snaps (10 or 20 meters)
  • Linking sticks flexible (from 0,5 / 1,0 / 1,5 / 2,0 meters) let you suit the needed distance between two plugs
  • Inflation supply equipped with a control pressure manometer, a ¼ rd tour stop valve, safety valve, a 10 m hose
  • An Agrippa connector to connect test materials and plugs.

The House Connections is perfect to lead tests where current materials do not fit.


Safety inflating hose

Technical data
Reference Minimum usage diameter (mm) Maximum usage diameter (mm) Required inflation pressure (bar) Back pressure (bar) Add this product to my wishlist
KB75/150 75 mm 150 mm 1,5 bars 0,5 bar
KB90/250 90 mm 250 mm 1,5 bars 0,5 bar
KB200/400 200 mm 400 mm 1,5 bars 0,5 bar