Cordless air-compressor to inflate plugs up to DN 400

Minicaton II is a cordless air-compressor to inflate smaller diameter plugs. You do not need to roll out meters and meters of hose or to tow big compressors any more.

As Minicaton II is light and compact, it becomes the best tool to inflate house connections plugs during underground tests.

Minicaton has a charge status lamp so you are always aware of the remaining autonomy. One batterie allows to inflate up to 13 plugs DN 200-400 at 2.5 bar. Minication is dleivered with :
- A charger 220 volts
- A flexible cable.
  1. Minicaton II
  2. 40V charger
  1. 40V battery


Safety inflating hose
Technical data
Tank capacity 2 L
Max pressure 8 bar
Power supply 40V Battery
Autonomy 40 minutes (up to 13 plugs DN 200-400 at 2.5 bar)
Weight 6.5 Kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) 345 x 255 x 360 mm
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